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Some people go to the beach to forget their problems. They can watch the waves for hours. I understand the fascination. There’s a pattern - then there is no pattern. It’s the same with the coin. We want it all to mean something - we want to find the pattern - but in the final analysis, it’s just waves. The only absolute stays hidden like some glittering snake, waiting in mirrored silence for the opportunity to strike. My hand trembles. I stare into the glass. Something terrible stares back.
Harvey Dent aka Two Face

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1.Wall of books —  Amsterdam

2.Bookstore Mural — Pittsboro

3.Inside a Bookshelf —  Sweden

4.Library Mural — Poland

5.Flying Books — San Francisco

6.Heart, Culture and Pedagogy — Canada

7.La Bibliotèque De La Cité — France

8.Larchmere Mural — Ohio

9.Duluth Public Library - Minnesota

10.Transformer Books —  Russia

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